Tuesday, February 8, 2011

South Beach Plaza Villas Hotel Review - Miami Hotel Reviews and Ratings at Frommer's

South Beach Plaza Villas Hotel Review - Miami Hotel Reviews and Ratings at Frommer's
well i stay there 5 feb to 7 feb, the room they assigned me was very small, the bathroom, if someone is over weight you would have a hard time getting into the bathroom, and the shower, good luck, i weight 160 lbs, and my butt was hanging out to get water on my heard. the room had no closet, and no place to put your bags except the floor, once you open the bags one had to climb over the bed to get around.
I went to the front desk and requested a different room, was advise none available, check back a 11 am the next day and they would see what was available. I did and was told at around 1130 no rooms available, they were sold out hotel was full.
was in the outside court yard area having coffee about 30 minutes later, and a lady with a clipboard was walking around, i stopped her and ask about available rooms and about the room we had being so small. she agreed they were really small, and that there were other rooms available, I said, really, the front desk just told me no, she advised she would check and talk to the guy and get back with me, 20 minutes later she came back and said she had it arranged and i could move to a better room with an upgrade fee of $25, i requested to see the room, and afterwards, said yes i would pay the upgrade fee. done deal, but why the front clerk was so rude and gave me the incorrect info ? why ? what happen to customer service ?

Anyway things went well after that, until the next morning, had to be at the airport at 8am, up at 630 am, jumped into the shower, no hot water, well call front desk, was told, well just wait 15 or 20 minutes it will probably be ok. everyone is most likely trying to take a shower at the same time. wow ? i took a towel shower and left at 815am, while exit the lobby several other customers were complainning about the no hot water. i email the manager, and got a reply, wasn't enough to satisfy me. she said it on the web site the villa rooms are noted very small, i reviewed and didn't see anything that addressed the fact about the room size.

I wonder how many people check into the hotel to get the advertised rate, then get charge an upgrade fee after they discover they can not live in the room they were assigned. I just don't think is proper advertising. i will not return. There are to many hotels in south beach that have good customer service, and nice employees to greed and handle cusotmers concerns.

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